Saturday, January 30, 2010

Multitude Monday: One Thousand Gifts

81.  Sewing with the Cherubs.
82.  Stacks of homemade cloth napkins.
83.  Homemade chicken broth brewing.
84.  Homemade chicken soup after an afternoon of sledding.
85.  Flakes covering all in a blanket of white.
86.  Wooly socks inside warm boots.
87.  Ski gloves, warm and dry.  Coats and snowpants too.
88.  Overhearing Cherubs THANK YOUs to DadToCherubs (new sleds).
89.  Popcorn and hot cocoa.

90.  Mugs of hot herbal tea.  Cozy flannel pajamas.  A restful evening together.
91.  Snow clouds.
92.  Fresh eggs from our chickens, gathered by small hands.
93.  Pine trees glistening with an icy sleet coating.
94.  Cherubs thankful for “The Perfect Sled Hill”, behind the barn.
95.  Study power lines, despite ice and snow.
96.  Healthy diet changes, and the endurance to stick with them (Praise God !)
97.  Muddy, rainy day - Dove soap – warm water – clean Cherubs.
98.  Snowmen standing, decorated.  Masterpieces.
99.  The started seeds, standing tall, with first leaves pressing against lids.
100.  Good night kisses.

101.  Candles glowing while power’s out.
102.  Gas fireplaces at the ready, should they be needed for back-up heat.
103.  Safe passage on less than safe (snowy, icy) roadways.

*  If you would like to join, please visit A Holy Experience:  Multitude Monday:  One Thousand Gifts and sign up.
** Thank you again Ann, for this precious experience.

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