Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Horse'n Around

Horseback Riding Lesson #5 at M.V.F.
Catching and haltering.

Checking feet.  Light grooming.
Preparing to saddle.

To The Arena ....
Cherub 2 leading Cheyenne.
Cherub 5 leading Bandit.
Horsetrainer Extraordinairre, R.G. in the red jacket,
and her lovely daughter and faithful helper S.G. in the black jacket.

And S.G.'s beautiful flock in the middle, clucking away happily.

Cherub 2 riding Cheyenne.

The photos of Cherub 5 riding were really blurry,
so I decided to show this close-up of
Cherub 5 and Bandit -- 
highlighting what they have in common.
See ?  They both have long blond hair hanging in their eyes, 
and they both prefer it that way.
I hear Bandit's is "Rock Star Hair". 
Cherub 5's is not brushed often enough to be Rock Star hair.
And she prefers it that way.

(Oh I wish that one was clearer !  It's just too cute !!)
Bandit seems to walk to the beat of his own drummer ... 
with a little spunk added in for good measure. 
Cherub 2 walks to the beat of HER own drummer too ...
only with A LOT of spunk added in ...
sometimes for good measure ...
sometimes not so good.
HA !

Coming back from the Arena.
Cheyenne, the magic horse follows along with Cherub 2.
She does exactly what she is supposed to do,
reliably and faithfully.
Much like Cherub 2.
Calm, cool, collected, soft and tender.


Bandit tosses his head a bit here and there, 
and stops for a snack several times.
He's often quite determined to do his own thing.
It seems he and Cherub 5 have a lot more
in common than just hair.
Ha !

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