Friday, May 04, 2007

A Day of Beauty

Daisy went for a much-needed Day of Beauty today. (aka - she went to the groomer.) She was 3 weeks overdue when the fire happened, and then of course we did not have dog brushes (nor could we remember to get some new ones), and neither could we remember to make an appointment and actually take her to the groomer (poor Daisy !) .... so needless to say, she was quite "doggy", plus she is shedding a lot for summer. But we must say she was VERY good-natured about it all and did not complain at all. And we finally made an appointment and took her to be groomed.

So, today was her day ... and after 4 hours of brushing, washing, combing, clipping, and overall primping ... TA DA !!! She was given lavendar bows for her ears and a pretty pink and white calico scarf (her others were lost in the fire) ..... she is so clean and soft and shiny .... just LOVELY !! The groomer here in town is very sweet and was extremely patient and kind - we were very pleased and will definately be using her from now on !!
Then this afternoon we went by the vet's office to get K-9 Advantix (for fleas, ticks, and mosquitos) .... so now she will be flea-free and tick-free and unbothered by mosquitos again. (Bella got her meds too today. Her appointment with the groomer is at 8am tomorrow - so stay tuned for more Doggy News.)

Daisy seems very pleased to be clean and lovely again ....... and she said THANK YOU DUMMA !!

Above are photos:
Photo 1: The "before" photo as we were getting ready to get in the car.
Photo 2: At the groomer (who was extremely sweet and kind to Daisy, and her family !).
Photo 3: At the groomer.
Photo 4: Relaxing at home after her Day of Beauty.
Photo 5: Resting with a smile - and enjoying being photographed.

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