Wednesday, May 09, 2007

It's Up And Running ... FINALLY !!

Well, after many many broken promises from the installers and much much aggrivation and frustration (again) .... the T-1 line is up and running here at the new house. YAHOOO !!

The BEST part of having the new line installed (and the REAL reason it IS installed at all) is that DadToCherubs was able to work from home last night for the first time since the fire. (and now he is sound asleep - he works nights.) So now we will get to see him more (HOORAY !!), and he will be able to rest more during his off hours.

And for the rest of us, this means that NOW we can see websites that require a high speed connection like the Wavelit animal cams for hummingbirds ... they also have woodpeckers, grizzley's, polar bears, and more. The webcams are really interesting - a close up look at some interesting creatures.

And we can blog more often as the upload and download speed are much faster and much more stable for loading photos and such. So that will definately be fun as well.


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