Friday, May 04, 2007

Exploring Downtown

While we were waiting to pick up Daisy from the groomer, we explored "downtown" a bit since we have never been in this area before moving here, other than "just passin' through" to somewhere else.

We found a cute little park in the middle of town with a gazebo and beautiful flowers ... all done by the Veterans. There were big markers in rememberance of World War 1 and World War 2 Veterans, and a railroad car, and a plaque explaining how this area can to be sponsored by the Overhill Society. And there is a Duck Pond where we can (someday soon) go to feed the ducks.

It was a neat little "history" lesson all in itself (we are studying American History currently), all the while getting aquainted with our new "home town". We also were able to identify most of the flowers and plants in the little park, which tied in some of our Botany lessons from not too long ago. It seems this might be a neat little town in which to go "window shopping' with quite a few quaint little shops, and there is also an Old Fashioned Bakery and Ice Cream shop (yummy !).

Above are photos in the little park, of the gazebo, and a few of "downtown".

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