Friday, May 04, 2007


There is a Crane that visits the big pond in front of our house quite often - early in the morning and late in the evening. The children can barely wait to use this lovely creature for their Nature Notebook entry. The trouble is, although we have SEEN it many times already, we have so far been unable to get a photo of it. Here is the best we have so far - it flew away just as we got "in place" to take the photo. (it is "flying away" in the middle of the photo)
CORRECTION MAY 23, 2007: We have it on good authority that this elusive bird is a GREAT BLUE HERON and that his name is HANK. It is wonderful to live in a place where friends lived before - they give lots of neat information and helpful hints. THANK YOU O-TRIBE !!


Anonymous said...

Hi Momtocherubs,

What you are seeing is a great blue heron. And his name is Hank.

Enjoyed catching up with you and yours via bloggityville!

Seen that moonplant yet?


MomToCherubs said...

No MoonPlant yet. And thanks for telling us about Hank ... we could only spot him from "afar" and then he would take off quickly so we could not get a good look at him. But he is beautiful !! BTW - you guys need a family blog !!

Anonymous said...

A family blog... yes, we have one, sort of, and as soon as you teach me how to post and actually find my picture... I'll tell you the address!