Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Yard Work

We have been mowing today, after 2 days of MAJOR planting. Last weekend we went to the old house and dug up our plants from all of the flower beds.... then we spent 2 days planting them all before they died. YIKES !!

The yard looks so pretty when it is mowed .... and the plants will be beautiful when they get over being transplanted. We moved hostas, daylillies, black-eyed susans, purple cone flowers, brunnera, ferns, small azaeleas, a small forsithia, and a small butterfly bush.

A few weeks ago we put some annuals into window boxes and so urns on the sides of the front porch stairs. They are doing well and are starting to fill in. Geraniums, french marigolds, hot pink petunias, deep purple petunias, and nearly lime-green potato vine for contrast .... the color combination is so bright and cheery that it makes you smile when you see it.
Photo 1: Front Yard (freshly mowed).
Photo 2: Front view of house with planters on sides of steps.
Photo 3: Close up of the planters in the front.
Photo 4: Photo of side yard, looking from front of house. (our chickenhouse is red and in the back left corner of the photo)

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