Sunday, May 20, 2007

Summer Agenda

Things are finally beginning to slow down around here. Soccer is over. VIP Soccer is finished for the season as well. Sunday School is over until the Fall. CCD has ended until the Fall. There are a few Youth Ministry activites planned this summer, but the bulk of it has finished. And First Holy Communion was yesterday, so we are finished preparing for that as well. And we are pretty-well settled in the new house; it is even beginning to feel a bit like "home".

Normally we are almost finished with school for the year too at the end of springtime, but this year we are going to work through the summer to finish some things. We also have a few smaller studies that we are planning to do this summer.

So - what are we going to do now ?? First, we have some gardening to do. We have been planting flowers and bushes, and have a herb garden planned. And if we get a chance (and if we get it tilled again) we are going to put in a small vegetable garden. We still have horseback riding weekly. In the coming weeks we are going to try to spend some quality time together instead of running here and there - maybe play together, do some fun little day trips, and maybe visit the Tennessee River. And we are going to try to regain / reteach some character-training lessons that we seem to have lost through the chaos these past few months. We are headed to the Lake soon for a 4-day weekend which is something we are all looking forward to - we love to swim, boat, jetski, and spend time with our family. Cherub 1 will go away to camp in June for a few days - he is excited about that. We are hoping to do many of the neat activities that are to be part of the library's Summer Reading Program. We have some family coming in early June, which is when we will do Cherub 6's Christening. Then we have more family coming in to visit at the end of June just to visit and sight-see. July is going to be lots of fun - DadToCherubs actually took an almost 2-week vacation and we are going to the lake for all of it. YAHOOO !! (He NEVER takes vacation - so this is rare !). August will be calm with maybe just a trip to the lake and maybe another short getaway weekend somewhere. And September will begin soccer again, and our new school year.

One big thing coming this Fall is that we are hoping to make a trip to New England - to sightsee and to visit family in Maryland and Connecticut. So hopefully we can get things coordinated over the summer. We have been (and will continue) studying American History so there are a lot of neat sites to see along the way. And we have not been to Connecticut for approximately 10 years so it is high-time for a visit. We were in Maryland just a year or two ago, and we are looking forward to visiting again PLUS we missed our trip to the Smithsonian last time due to weather.

Hopefully our summer will be a CALM-busy, if there is such a thing. HA !! Why can't summer last longer ?? Or perhaps we can just make Fall start later ? Hummmm ....... in September we will begin CCD and Sunday school, Youth Ministry activities, soccer (Cherub 6 gets to play this fall for the first time - he is SO excited !!), VIP Soccer, full-schedule school lessons (for all 6 children starting this fall - yikes !) ......

I have to admit - it makes me tired just looking at it all in print. And it is only May ......

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