Saturday, May 05, 2007

Isn't She Lovely ?!?!

Photo 1: Bella in the car - we had a bit of a staring contest over whether or not she would move her tail before I closed the door. I would move her taila dn begin to close the door, and she would SWOOSH it back to where it was ... and we did this over and over again. Eventually I won. (This is my most favorite photo of her ever - she looks so "instense", but she is totally a Gentle Giant, and with her gentle eyes and long dark eyelashes WHO could say NO to this face ?!?!)
Photo 2: Bella at the groomer, showing off how clean she was.
Photo 3: Back home - photo of the back of Bella's head to show her gingham bows and scarf.
Photo 4: Bella anxiously waiting for the photo session to be over so she could get outside again - FREEDOM !!

Bella went to the groomer this morning at 8am sharp. She weighs 85 pounds by the way, which is still far from the 145 pounds her mother weighed (full grown), but she still has quite a bit of growing to do as she just turned 2yo in January.

Today she was washed and scrubbed and de-matted .... she was brushed, and her nails were done ... and brushed .... and brushed and brushed some more. She looks positively radiant !! The groomer even put little gingham bows and a matching scarf on her ... she looks adorable. Her coat actually shines and shimmers in the light. Now, the question is HOW LONG WILL SHE LOOK LIKE THIS ?? Probably not very long, espicially since we have never ever seen her THIS clean. The good news for her is that her undercoat is thinned out (from brushing) so she will be nice and comfortable now when it gets hot outside.

The groomer commented that Bella has all of the physical attributes and markings of a show Pyrenees .... but we know that she is farrrrr too "dedicated" to her "flock (children, chickens, cats, and Daisy) to waste her time on something so frivilous such as "shows". HA !! She is a simple dog .... with simple needs ... and a lot of love to give. (She said THANK YOU to Dumma, who she loves very much.)

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