Sunday, October 26, 2008

Finishing and Beginning

The Titans finished their fall soccer season on Saturday.
The team was UNDEFEATED for the season !!
Wooooo Hoooooooo !! Yippeeee !! Hip-Hip-Hoorayyyy !!
Coach W did a great job, and Cherub 5 enjoyed playing for him.
You do know that purple hair makes you run faster, right ?
Cherub 5 insists this is true.
And in "testing" it seems to work.
HA !
This evening Beck's Bounty will host the
Titan's End-Of-Season Soccer party
complete with hotdogs and s'mores
roasted over the bonfire.
Yummy !
On Saturday afternoon, the 6 Cherubs and I decorated the area around the front door (and the porch) for Autumn.
We all had a grand time trying to assemble our first ever Scarecrow -- but finally our efforts and ingenuity paid off with a pretty nice Scarefellow.

Beginning tomorrow morning (Monday), we will settle in for several weeks of "staying-home-more-during-the-week" so that we can focus intensely on Term 2 of our school year. We will finish up Term 2 just before our Christmas Break ... and will begin Term 3 in January.
We have some fun things planned for weekends in November and December, but we are going to try to keep our outside commitments limited to weekends (and late after-school afternoons) so that we can stay "on track".
Why is being "on track" so important, you ask ?
Well, for two main reasons -- because we have planned two potential extended-weekend Ski Trips in January (assuming the weather is cold enough for snow making). So, we HAVE to be "on track" with our school work so that we can take those few days off to go skiing.
Can you believe it that it's time to begin thinking about SNOW MAKING in the south ?

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