Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Funny Moment

As part of our Tapestry of Grace Ancient History curriculum, we are finishing our study of the Tabernacle, and we are beginning a study (in depth) of the Mosaic Law.
Today was our Weekly History Lecture. Our older children take notes, and the younger children just listen. Then, after the lecture, we begin a series of discussions on various topics and elements of study for the week. These discussions tie together our projects, our readings, and the components of the lecture. And it is often in these discussions that the "wheels" start really turning round and round in the children's minds.
So, today we were discussing the Tabernacle. And then our discussion led to a long discussion of The Mosaic Law. (There were many lightbulb moments !!) We were discussing the "fulfillment" of the law, and how after the Resurrection many people decided that the Mosaic Law did not apply at all. We discussed what parts of the law still apply, whether the Feasts fell under the law, and why or why not people honor those Biblical Feasts. It was a quite lively discussion !!
When we were finished with today's discussions, to summarize and close I said, "With study, perhaps you can determine for yourself what part, if any, of the Law no longer applies. And in that study maybe you can also find what parts of the Law we might remain under even today."
Cherub 6 had been busy coloring throughout most of the discussion after the Tabernacle. He was listening, but appeared to be more absorbed in his coloring. Suddenly, he raised his hand, dancing around on his knees with excitement, smiling from ear to ear ... saying OH OH, I KNOW ... I KNOW ...
In response to his excitement I said (smiling) "Cherub 6, do you know what part of the Law might still apply to us even today ?"
And he VERY confidently answered ....
(I love these precious homeschool moments, don't you ?!?!)


3'sacharm said...

LOVE IT!!!! and can definitely relate!

Pam said...

LOLOL!!! Hilarious! Yes, I love those precious homeschool moments too. :-)

Sharon said...

ROFLOL! Love this!
Sharon in NC

daisyblend said...

Too funny. Thanks for sharing.