Friday, October 24, 2008

Warm Woolies

The leaves have s-l-o-w-l-y been changing into their Autumn splendor.
Now there is chilly air creeping closer, so they seem to be changing hourly. Today, the woodstove is going, and the house is warm and cozy.
And outside it is cool (low 50's) and damp, with rain falling off and on (hooray !).
We have been sipping cups of warm tea today, in between trips to and from the attic.

Why so many trips to and from the attic, you ask ?
To get out all of the Warm Woolies, of course!
Today is the end of our Life Skills week --
the week we took off from formal school to
get ready for fall and winter.
It has been a very busy, very productive week indeed !
Our final project is that we are swapping out clothing today.
We are trading shorts for pants, short sleeves for long,
bathing suits for long johns, and linen for flannel or cordoroy.
And we are learning about materials, proper "fit", and more.
After all of the trying-on, folding, and hanging is finished
we will pack away the summer clothing for next year.
Along the way we are writing
a list of "need-to-buy" items for each person.
Thankfully, it appears we do not
need to buy very much at all.
God is soooooo good !
And so are friends who pass along hand-me-ups and downs.
The final step this afternoon ....
to get out all of the winter coats, ski pants,
hats, gloves, and scarves ...
... because winter will be upon us in no time.
That hardly seems possible, doesn't it ??

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