Monday, October 20, 2008

The Maze

On Sunday afternoon we went to the Mason-Mayfield Corn Maze.

We divided into 2 groups -- the 3 younger children walked the maze with DadToCherubs and I. And the 3 "big" Cherubs set off together to strike their own path.

Well, the 3 "big" Cherubs challenged us to a race -- to see who could find each of the 6 "stops" (for answers to 6 trivia questions) first. We all entered the small maze (3 acres, I think) together. And we wandered ... and wandered ... and twisted and turned .... having a grand time. In our group, the younger children took turns being The Leader while DadToCherubs and I followed. We occassionally caught sight of the Big Kids, scurrying this way and that ... they seemed a bit "pressured" to WIN, but were laughing and smiling whenever we saw them.

Of course, the younger children were so enjoying the maze that they almost forgot the contest completely --- and in their enjoyment, they managed to stumble across every "stop".

So, our group answered the trivia questions together by a majority vote, punched our papers (shaped paper punches to "show" we found the "stop") and continued on our way.

We had agreed in the beginning that once a party found all of the "stops", they should exit the maze (if they could find the exit - there is only one exit for each maze !) and proceed to the "Fire Pit" (a bon fire) to sit and wait -- the first party Fireside would be the winners.

After finding stop #6, DadToCherubs, Cherub 6, Cherub 5, Cherub 4, and I finally managed to exit the maze, deciding that next we would get something cool to drink. We assumed we would find the big kids waiting by the fire ....

However , when we arrived fireside, there were NO big kids to be seen.

Believe it or not, the Little Kids managed to find all of the stops first. THEY WON !!! (and were THRILLED with their accomplishment too !)

After enjoying a drink fireside, the 3 big kids went on to find their way through the BIG maze (8 acres as I recall), while the Little Kids went with Mom and Dad to play some of the other games (pedal tractors to ride, a bean-bag-toss, and more).

After the big kids finished the Big Maze, we went for a lovely hayride past some of the biggest gardens we have seen in a long time -- we saw purple basil & other herbs, tomato vines, pumpkins, okra, and more still growing. And we saw rows and rows of newly planted strawberries. Cherub 6 commented, "Whoever weeds that big garden must earn A WHOLE LOT of computer time !" HA !! (This farm has a rather busy produce stand, for which they grow their own produce.)

Just before leaving, we returned to the bonfire to have a delicious snack. And while we were eating our snacks, one of the Maze Attendants explained to us HOW they create this maze year after year in a new design. Truly fascinating !

THANK YOU DadToCherubs for a lovely afternoon !!
And, THANK YOU Mayfield's for a wonderful maze !!

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The Cowgirl said...

Glad u had fun!
We did 2 when we went. I'm sure you saw my post!!