Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Please Pray With Us

Praying Hands (Albrecht Durer)

-- For Mrs. H who left Tuesday for Ohio, to have heart surgery today (which began at 11:20am according to her daughter, and is to last "1 to 6 hours"). Pray for those family members who are in Ohio to be with Mrs. H at the clinic / hospital. Please pray for her doctors and the staff caring for Mrs. H. And finally, please please pray for her children and for her in-laws that are home together, waiting for her return. (surgery finished Wednesday evening)

THURSDAY UPDATE: Mrs. H's daughter said "I just talked to Mom and she sounds good. She didnt sleep real great last night cuase the doctors and nurses came in every so often and that kept her up. But Aunt Betty and Uncle Bob have wonderful beds so she'll prob. sleep well there. i hope so! "

FRIDAY UPDATE: We have it on good authority that Mrs. H is at her Aunt's home, and that she slept peacefully all day yesterday without need of medications. WOOOO HOOOO !! Thanks be to God !! We are going to continue to pray for healing and rest for Mrs. H, and we know she covets your prayers as well !

MONDAY UPDATE: HAPPY NEWS !! Mrs. H is at home, resting and recovering. And her family is thrilled to have her home again !! Please continue to pray for her recovery, and for a lot of much-needed rest. Also, please be sure to give Thanks to God for the fantastic doctors and nurses that cared for her in Ohio.

-- For DadToCherubs who is having frequent nasty headaches, and whose blood pressure is high despite oral medications. DadToCherubs went to see his family doctor this afternoon with another nasty headache and with his BP still high. Please pray for DadToCherubs, and for Dr. TC.

THURSDAY UPDATE: DadToCherubs got meds for a migraine, and he is going to have some lab work done. Also his blood pressure medicine does has been increased. He feels a bit better this morning, but still has a dull headache. Please continue to pray for him.

FRIDAY UPDATE: DadToCherubs no longer has a headache (HOORAY !), and it seems his blood pressure is coming down slowly to a more normal range with the help of medication. Stress is not something that DadToCherubs usually deals with (he is normally a stree-free guy who just goes with the flow), but currently he is a bit stressed about a project (repairs from a mega-virus on one of his sites), and also because of the economy (tough times for banks and technology companies translates into a rough time regarding job security). Please pray for him ... for his health ... and for relief from this stress. In the mean while, he has a "long weekend" ahead ... pray that he RESTS (which is something he is NOT good at doing, even when he really needs to !).

MONDAY UPDATE: DadToCherubs has not had a headache in several days, and his blood pressure is stable and in a normal range again. HOORAY !! After a long weekend off from work, he also caught up on some much needed rest. We are so thankful to God for the blessing of a great family physician who cared for DadToCherubs this past week. (And we covet your prayers that DadToCherubs can win the battle against his "love" of soda !)

-- For MamaBirdie who is due to give birth to the newest birdie sometime later this month.

UPDATE: No news yet; the due date is October 25th (I think) so we still have a bit of time to wait.

-- For Mrs. B who is expecting (2nd trimester). And give Thanks that she is feeling "human" again after a first trimester filled with morning sickness (or rather nearly-all-day sickness) and severe nausea.

UPDATE: In her own words

-- For our friend Pris who is away for her Freshman Year of college, and is a bit homesick.

UPDATE: We have heard that Priscilla is adjusting to college life, and is getting more rest, and overall is doing better. Thanks be to God !

-- For Great Grammy, that her eye will be healed and her sight restored (infection following cataract surgery).

FRIDAY UPDATE: We have it on good authority that Great Grammy's eye is healing, and that all signs of infection are gone. So, the doctors are pretty confident that with a bit more time her vision will be restored completely. Praise the Lord !


The Cowgirl said...

Thank you for ur prayers! I'm keeping my blog updated about mom if u want 2 stop by!

Lori said...

Keep us informed on how Kevin is. We sure miss you all over there! Can't you come over and do some sewing?? Your friend, Lori

The Cowgirl said...

It was mom's Aunt, not Sister! sry