Monday, October 06, 2008

Praying For Rain

We have not had a drop of rain in over 9 weeks. Needless to say, the "green" outside is turning rather dull and brown'ish. And the dust ---- oh the dust is AWFUL. While walking down to the pond, we noticed that the grass actually "crinkles" and nearly "crumbles as you walk on it, making tiny crackling noises.

Our garden is nearly finished, but we have managed to keep the brocolli plants and our green peppers going with the aid of a sprinkler. Our cauliflower plants did not make it -- the soil was just too dry for them, even with use of the sprinker daily. And we have not planted our lettuce or spinach seeds; we had hoped to get a good quenching rain or two before putting them in.

Well, it looks like we have a 60% chance of rain for Wednesday, and then a 40% chance on Thursday.

Please join us in praying that this rain arrives ... and quenches our "parched" land.

UPDATE Monday 8:06pm -- the chance of rain for Tuesday night is now 40%. And the chance of rain for Wednesday is now 70%, with a 40% chance overnight Wednesday night. Please keep praying !!

UPDATE Tuesday 10:04am -- the chance of rain tonight (Tuesday) is still at 40%. But for Wednesday, we now have an 80% chance of HEAVY rain, and then a 50% chance for more rain Wednesday night. So please keep praying !! We soooooo need this rain !!

UPDATE Tuesday 8:15pm -- IT'S RAINING HERE. It is a soft gentle rain so far, but according to the radar there is a lot more coming this way tomorrow. YAHOOOO !! THANK YOU LORD !!

UPDATE Thursday morning: THE RAIN CAME. Actually, a full inch of rain fell ... and overnight everything "green'ed up" again, and we noticed that our Maples have begun to change their colors for Autumn.

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