Thursday, March 25, 2010

Alternate Nature Study Ideas For When Your Family Has The Plague

Nearly every day for the last few weeks,
we've been checking
Journey North's
Monarch Butterfly Migration Tracking.
The Monarchs are moving North ...
so far they have reached parts of Texas.
WOW !!


And for the last few days,
we've REALLY been glued
to our computers  --- 
we've been watching a live webcam of a
Momma and Baby Barn Owl

WOW !!

It's supposed to rain here today,
which will interfere with our Nature Walk.

 So, it was suggested that
perhaps we should do our
Nature Journal entries on Barn Owls
or maybe on the migration of
Monarch Butterflies today ?!?!

And no, we're not too chicken to go out in the rain ... 
we are just still sick with The Plague and so being
outside in the chilly damp air or pouring rain
just probably isn't a good idea.

And since we've had to find
"alternate" plans for today's nature study,
the Cherubs thought perhaps others could benefit
from our ideas.



Missy said...

Hope you all are feeling a little better. We had lots of rain and heavy wind today too. But yesterday was just beautiful. I would love to do more nature studies with my kids. I have even been tempted to buy a bunch of sketch pads only to be used for nature walks. I need to just go for it. Enjoy reading your blog. Missy

Cindy said...

We often forget that nature study doesn't have to always happen outdoors. Thanks for the reminder! (And I'm hoping everyone is feeling better by now.)

Our Journey Westward

Amy in Peru said...

These are great links, I'd forgotten about these resources! thanks for the reminder :)

amy in peru

Jamie said...

Great idea! And I hope you're all over "the plaque" by now!

(Visit my NEW blog: See Jamie blog)

April Mitchell said...

Great resources! Hope you feel better soon!