Thursday, March 04, 2010

California: Day 1: Santa Cruz

I have just returned from a whirl-wind trip to middle California with DadToCherubs and my mother.  It was a spectacular trip - warm weather, plenty of sunshine, green grass, blooming wildflowers ... it was truly a wonderful mini vacation.

So -- what did we do there ?

Our first day in California was spent in Santa Cruz --- the beach, the ocean, light houses, the marina, Natural Bridges Park, the boardwalk, watching Surfers.  And fantastic food at the Mirimar Restaurant.

And what trip to California would be complete without seeing the Big (redwood) Trees.  Barb (Harmony Art Mom) recommended visiting Big Basin Park to see the trees -- it was GORGEOUS !! 
Below is my foot in one of the grooves in the bark ... to show scale.  These big trees were even bigger than I ever imagined.  And Big Basin Park was absolutely beautiful.  Thanks Barb for recommending it.

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