Friday, March 12, 2010

Multitude Monday: One Thousand Gifts

206.  A caring family doctor for DadToCherubs.

207.  Symptoms not progressing to something more serious.

208.  Piles of school books, and studious students.

209.  Spring blooms, here and there.

210.  Watching Cherub 5 play soccer again.

211.  Our Scouts: advancements and accomplishments.

212.  Loving Husband home, safe, & sound, from California.

213.  Visiting with Dumma, and attending the Sewing Expo.

214.  Tips of green; perennial flowers moved here last fall beginning
 to peek through the leaves we used to mulch them.

215.  Bigger buds, beginning to swell on the trees.

216.  Last Frost dates coming soon, April 1 to 30.

217.  Barn full of lumber, waiting to be used for raised beds –
only lacking mobility and muscle to get “in place”. HA !

218.  Gray cloudy skies, today's empty calendar -
and so, sleeping in a bit.
219.  Nest boxes of fresh eggs,
gathered by little Cherub hands.

220.  MS Excel and “beginning plans”
for our next school year.

221.  Dear friends, old and new.

222.  Windy kite-flying days.


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** Posted a bit early as we have a chaotic,
chock-full-of-stuff long weekend ahead.

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