Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Plague

We are sick - every single one of us.

Sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, sore throat, fever, headache ... and difficulty resting.

Thank goodness for Motrin, Robitussin, and plenty of Kleenex.

Making chicken soup tomorrow -- and in the mean while, surviving on toast and warm mugs of herbal tea.

Yep -- we're still sick.  

A few Cherubs (2,4, 5, and 6) appear to be getting better s-l-o-w-l-y, if you overlook their lingering nasty coughs.  

DadToCherubs started to get the Plague last weekend -- and by Monday was in the thick of it.  He muddled through work, and slept .... then, last evening he called in sick for the first time in years ( ? ) -- after sleeping all day yesterday, he also slept all night last night.  He has it BAD !!  At some point yesterday I heard him mumble something about calling in "dead".  

I have it too -- but with Sudafed and Motrin, I am managing to plod through the day with a few catnaps here and there -- I suspect I just haven't gotten the "whole" Plague yet.

Cherub 3 had a slight cough yesterday - so it is suspect that he's the next victim of The Plague.

So, Cherub 1 is the "last man standing" (not sick).  Again.  But I am not sure that even his super-human-immune-system can withstand the wrath of this Plague.

We thoroughly disinfected the common areas -- counters, cabinet and drawer fronts, bathrooms, door handles, toothbrushes, pillow cases - aired bedrooms (thanks to spring-like days) --- washed all of the bedding --- and we're pushing chicken soup (mostly because that's what I made when I still felt almost human - ha !) and herbal tea - in addition to Robitussin and Motrin at night (it's hard to rest when you are coughing and hacking).

Update:  Sunday 3/28:
We are avoiding friends and outside "contact" -- being selfish with our germs.  HA !!  We've agreed -- no one should have to contend with this Plague.  It's AWFUL !!

But we're making progress, I think ..... Cherub 1 remains untouched, so far.  He is drinking lots of herbal teas to help boost his immune system -- and he has been a trooper, picking up where "the sickies" have slacked off.  Cherub 3 was untouched, but has begun coughing, and woke last night with a headache -- could be allergies, or could be "the plague".  OH MY !!  DadToCherubs is back to work, although still feeling pretty poorly - coughing, head congestion, fever, aches, and headaches.  Cherub 2 has a nasty cough 24/7, but only has congestion in the evening / overnight hours.  Cherub 4, Cherub 5, and Cherub 6 seem to have recovered, but with an occasional hour or so of congestion here and there.  And I also am only having congestion issues overnight -- by day I feel "almost human", but at night it's as if someone refills my head with a garden hose.
It's strange -- and we're nearly passing the 2-week mark on this "Plague".  One of the longest and worst illnesses we've had in many years.  

But, we're finally seeing signs of recovery -- Praise God !!  So hopefully soon we will be healthy again -- back to our activities and lives.


Shannon said...

Feel better! I know EXACTLY what your going through. We are into our THIRD week of illness around here. Ginger ended up with walking pneumonia. I'm very slowly getting over bronchitis. It stinks! I hope you all recover quickly.

Shannon said...

I wasn't kidding, it sounds very much like we have the same thing. My daughter is now better. I am moving into my THIRD week of miserable chest conjestion. DH started coming down with it yesterday. Today he is miserable. In fact, he just rubbed his chest down with some vapor rub and went to bed.

I hope your all healthy soon!

Beck's Bounty said...

We are praying that your family is well again soon too. We have passed the 2 week mark, and yet "it" hangs on --- although it appears to be waning some now.

Herbal teas, warm hearty homemade soups, and meds at night are the current regimen. Sunshine seems to help us -- being outside a little each day -- lifts our spirits, and the fresh air seems to aid with the congestion.

Hope you are feeling better soon.