Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Multitude Monday: One Thousand Gifts

241.  Motrin for fevers.  Warm blankets for chills.
242.  Sudafed and Robitussin – for resting cough-free at night.
243.  Kleenex with Lotion – to sooth raw runny noses.
244.  Cherub 1 – untouched by the Plague – willing to pitch in.
245.  Recovering Cherubs – slowing coughs, waning congestion, bit by bit.
246.  Warm sunshine on our faces.
247.  Prayers of friends for good health once again.
248.  DadToCherubs and Cherub 4 – good reports from Eye Doctor.
249.  No further “incidents” for DadToCherubs (health).
250.  Grass is greening – a bit more every day.
251.  Forsythia in full glorious golden bloom.
252.  A gazillion daffodil blossoms scattered about the yard.
253.  Cherry trees in bloom.
254.  Buds on the Dogwoods – it shouldn’t be long now.
255.  Lavender tips of Hostas peeking through the mulch.
256.  Herbal teas, warm to sip when congestion returns.
257.  Walking our 2 dogs on the lovely walking trail.
258.  Seeing Bradford Pear trees in full bloom again – lovely !
259.  Robins, Eastern Blue Birds, Woodpeckers, Titmouse …. house hunting.
260.  Plans for the garden, and started seedlings doing well.

A day late .... oops.

We are still fighting The Plague, which has had us in it's grips for well over two weeks now --- this has been some "bug" !  The worst we have had in many years now.  We have avoided friends and family, and even strangers, so as not to "share" it with them.  Chicken soup, cold remedies, Kleenex, and lots of rest ... that's been our routine.

The Plague appears to be waning now .... we ask that it not return ... we ask that God lift this illness from our home and from our bodies ... that He protect those we've had to come into contact with from infection .... and we thank Him for preserving us through it all.

Please pray for us.

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