Monday, March 08, 2010

Multitude Monday: One Thousand Gifts

174.  Wonderful flights from GA to CO, CO to CA.
175.  A fantastic day spent in Santa Cruz, CA.
176.  Day One – All going smoothly at home.
177.  A wonderful grandfather who stayed at Beck’s Bounty with the Cherubs.
178.  Maggie is feeling better (our adopted Great Pyr) after a rough start.
179.  Big waves in the Pacific, but no tsunami waves despite warnings (Chile earthquake).

180.  Witnessing a mother and baby otter in the wild – how precious.
181.  A great day in San Fransisco, CA.
182.  A fantastic vacation with DadToCherubs and Dumma in CA.
183.  The blessing of friends who helped transport Cherubs while Mom and Dad were away.
184.  Buds on the daffodils.
185.  Leaf buds swelling on some trees – spring is getting closer.
186.  A very informative class for DadToCherubs (in CA for work).
187.  Warm spring days, and windows with screens !!
188.  Strong male Cherubs to carry their Momma’s luggage after a long trip.
189.  A full basket of fresh fruit on the counter.
190.  Successful transplanting of garden seedlings into bigger pots.
191.  Invitation for Cherub 5 to play soccer for the Junior High Soccer Team.
192.  A dear family friend who helped Cherub 6 build his Pinewood Derby Car.  B.G.

193.  Cherub 6 winning FIRST in his division, and FIRST overall at the Pinewood Derby (B.G.).
194.  Watching Cherub 5 ride Bandit solo for the first time (horseback lessons).
195.  A wonderfully patient and dedicated horse trainer / teacher. R.G.
196.  A roast and veggies cooking in the crockpot at the end of a really busy day.
197.  CoffeeHouse Creamers.  Carmel Macchiato, Chocolate Mocha, and Vanilla Latte.  Yummy !!
198.  More snow in Tennessee for the Cherubs to play in (last week).
199.  Finding seals and sea lions while driving country roads in CA on our trip.
200.  Horseback riding on the beach of the Pacific Ocean – WOW !!  (Manchester, CA).
201.  A successful Camporee (BoyScouts).
202.  Three boys swimming hard to complete rank requirements for Scouts.
203.  SCM Organizer – keeping school “on track” through all of our busy-ness.
204.  An authentic Chinese meal with DadToCherubs’ boss, W.C.
205.  The marriage of N.B. and P.E. – we just love a happy ending.

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