Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day Highlights

Cherub 6 received some more pieces
for his Thomas the Tank Engine train set.
He loves Thomas and took lots of photos of the track,
old and new pieces alike.
Cherub 5 and Cherub 6 playing Elefun.

Cherub 2 and Cherub 5 having one of many
Tea Parties with their new Tea Set.

Another Tea Party.

Everyone got their very own Digital Camera this year ...
and DadToCherubs and I were nearly blind
when evening came due to all of the
"flashing' from the photographers.
Cherub 2 was so excited to receive an
American Girl Doll Bitty Baby.
What a wonderful mother she will be someday !

Cherub 1 .... having a grand time.
He made a point of playing with each of his siblings
1:1 on Christmas Day, doing whatever they
wished to do. What a Christmas Treasure ....
brotherly love ! He played Thomas, sipped tea,
assembled Lego castles, chatted on walkie-talkies,
helped with puzzles, played board games, and more.
And then, he played Mommy's favorite hymn
with his acoustic guitar after practicing
in secret for some time --
O Come, O Come, Emmanuel.
Isn't he sweet ??
Thank you Cherub 1 for these precious gifts
that will forever last in our hearts !!
Four people in danger of developing Wii-itis ....
playing Mario Kart (our new Wii game).
You should have heard the giggles and chuckles !!
Another near- wii-itis case ...
with lots of chuckles while playing Mario Kart,
despite not having any sleep Christmas Eve
(he was working).
Grandpa came in the afternoon to visit.
And he gave each of the children a 1-day lift pass
to Cataloochee for skiing this year.
Yahoooooooooooo !!
We're going skiing sometime this winter.
Thank you Grandpa.
We had a wonderful Christmas Day together,
playing board games,
eating turkey sandwiches,
playing the Wii,
reading some new books,
assembling puzzles, and more.
We pray you had a Merry Christmas ....
and that you hold in your heart
the greatest gift of all ....
Our Savior, Christ !

1 comment:

CAB said...

Looks like a great day and what a fantastic big brother to do all those things w/the younger ones!

We recently got Mario Kart and the children and DH (it was a bday prez for him from my older son) play it A LOT and really enjoy it - every now and then they let me play ;)