Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Our Christmas Visitors

We were blessed to have some very special Christmas visitors from Maryland. Our cousins, the "M" family !
While they were here in Tennessee, we had a grand time ... we baked cookies and then decorated them, we played card games, rode bikes, played with the "kittys" outside, went for walks, were taken on tractor rides, and more.
Thank you for coming to visit M family !! We are already missing you and are looking forward to your visit this summer !
(above) Our Cherubs and the 4 "M's" decorating Sugar Cookies.
Miss A and Cherub 6 "taste testing".

Little Miss M sitting in her Momma's lap.
Little Miss M was in change of Quality Control. (HA !)

Everyone was hard at work.

Some of the finished cookies.

Dumma and GranMickey ... or Aunt B and Uncle M ... depending on whether a Beck or an "M".

Miss A, very pleased with her Make-up Kit.
Later, she and Little Miss M put on make up
... lots of it ... and each little lady looked ADORABLE
with their pink noses and purple eye lids.
(Momma M and Little Miss M in the background, along with Cherub 2)

One evening we went out for pizza.

Miss B, who is the oldest M, rolling and cutting cookies.
She was very precise !

Cherub 2 helping Little Miss M to roll and cut the cookies.

Miss B's lovely smile !

Miss B and Cherub 3 playing Uno.

Miss A really enjoyed helping Cherub 2 roll and cut the Sugar Cookies.

Master L spent a lot of time playing with the Thomas Train Set.
Having 3 sisters, he was very pleased to play with Cherub 1,
Cherub 3, Cherub 4, and Cherub 6 (our boys).

Cherub 2 "mother-henning" Little Miss M ....
they were nearly inseparable during the M's visit.
How sweet !!

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