Thursday, December 18, 2008

He's Not A Baby Anymore ....

... but he will always be MY baby.
He promised !
(above) When he was 3yo ....
On Cherub 6's "real" BIRTHday ...

Showing his "Picture Smile". Age 3yo.

On a walk in Great-Pop in November 2008.

Age 5yo, "hamming" with Cherub 5.

On Dumma & Gran-Mickey's boat ... age 4yo.

On a "Just Big Guys" camping trip with Dad and Mr. Potts
and quite a few other boys. (age 4yo)

Age 4yo ... when grandpa gave him his first Tonka Dumptruck for his birthday. This is the only toy Cherub 6 still has (after our housefire) because it was outside in the mulch. This little truck has been a workhorse --- moving weeds and rocks, mulch, and petfood. Rarely does a day go by that this truck is not "working".



3'sacharm said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! The pictures are
too cute!

Echo said...

He is such a lovely kid... Happy BIRTHDAY to him.