Tuesday, December 09, 2008

A Little Late

We began out Fall yard clean up some time ago, and then it rained for a few days, followed by a few weeks of mostly chilly weather. And, we never quite got back to it.

The yard needs to be mowed one last time, just so that it looks "neat" and tidy ....
There are a few piles of leaves left, to be hauled to the garden and spread ...

And in all of the rain and breezy days, there are more than a few sticks and limbs lying about. So, since today is supposed to be our last "warm'ish" day for a while, after school we will be heading outside to finish what we started ... a late Fall CleanUp. Besides .... the yard will look nice for the holidays ... and afterwards. And if some precious snow should fall, we will be ready to enjoy the least dusting to the utmost because our sled trail will be mowed SUPER short, so as to allow our sleds smooth gliding on any flakes that fall. (We sooo hope it snows this year !)
* * * * *
Tomorrow we have a cold front moving in with more rain, and it appears that it will be quite chilly outside for a while. So, while it is chilly, the yard will be "finished", and we can focus on painting the dining room, living room, and the girls bedroom ... all before the holidays. (stay tuned .......)

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