Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The New Year and Resolutions

Do you make Resolutions for the New Year ?
If you do, what are they, if you do not mind sharing ?
DadToCherubs and I make 1 "Grand" Resolution" each year.
The Cherubs make one grand resolution each year as well.
And usually, well, for the most part, we do pretty well with them.
But this is a New Year ... with a New Plan ... so we shall see.
Ultimately, we find it rather funny ... this idea of New Year's Resolutions.
Where did it come from ? How did we get "hooked" into this idea ?
So, through the years, we have collected some "funnies"
about just that very thing .... New Year's Resolutions ...

Lucy, of course, has such a "gentle" way about her. HA ! Poor Linus ....
This particular Calvin & Hobbs cartoon is my personal All-Time-Favorite ....

... and this (above) Angus and Phil comic is new to us this year,
and made us all giggle.
Although this Garfield comic is not "quite" about New Years ...
we thought it "fit" well because so many people aspire to diet,
shed a few pounds, exercise more, eat better, and such
in the New Year ... and of course, "he" has that special
way of saying things ...
from Beck's Bounty !

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CAB said...

No resolutions here, just an experiment which you've read about already at our blog! Thanks for visiting, btw!

A year w/o Wal-mart - we'll see how it goes!