Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian

We are not avid movie watchers.
However, on Tuesday morning
we waited at Blockbuster
for the new Narnia movie
to be available on DVD.
And despite a small crowd,
waiting in the cold,
we secured a copy to bring home.
So, last evening,
after dinner and chores,
we got into our PJs.
We snuggled on the couch
to watch the much-anticipated
WOW !!
Another wonderful Narnia movie ....
adapted of course from the
incredible book series
by C.S. Lewis.
Most from Beck's Bounty have said
(after watching a book-made-movie):
"The book was better !".
However, this time we were all
pleasantly surprised that the directors
stayed "very close" to Lewis's book,
rather than taking excessive creative liscense.
There were a few moments, but a "few" changes
were likely necessary for adaptation to film.
We highly recommend it !

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The Cowgirl said...

We havent seen it yet but hope to soon!