Saturday, January 19, 2008

Another Birthday To Celebrate

Cherub 2 at Horseback Riding Lessons - Spring 2007. She LOVES to ride !!

Cherub 2 playing with Bella, our Great Pyr - November 2007.

Cherub 2 skiing in Gatlinburg just this past weekend (Jan 2008).

And now ... some older photos from my laptop files.

Cherub 2 working on Christmas gifts (handmade) with Mom (November 2006).

Individual Christmas photo of Cherub 2 taken December 2006.

A Serious Case Of S-I-L-L-Y .... Cherub 2 while out to dinner in March13, 2007. (This photo was taken when we were out to dinner after just moving to our new house, following our housefire. It was our THANK GOD FOR HIS BLESSINGS & CELEBRATE OUR NEW BEGINNING dinner.)

It seems so difficult to believe that yesterday was Cherub 2's 12th birthday ----- it seems that only yesterday she was 5yo --- and a few days before that she was a tiny baby.

Cherub 2 started life in a tough spot - with pyloric stenosis, surgically corrected at 12days old. She has struggled with stomach issues ever since - reflux, and just being very prone to stomach "upset". But she is a champ -- and rarely lets it slow her down.

Cherub 2 is always busy -- She loves to read, to craft, to sew, to cook, and to play her keyboard (beginner). She also enjoys using the computer and playing the Wii with her brothers !!

Today she is a bouncing happy pre-teen (YIKES !!) with a heart of gold !! Cherub 2 has always had a heart for God -- she says she was inspired by Mother Teresa's view that one must see the image of Christ in all persons - she says "if you do that, you cannot help but to love everyone." Isn't that beautiful !?!??! (It still brings tears to my eyes when she says that !!) She is the second Mother in our house, and is always available for a hug, a word of encouragement, or help when someone needs it. Cherub 2 is FARRRR more patient than her mother, and has a dry sense of humor that is just TOO funny.

And after having tummy issues all through our vacation to Gatlinburg (and refusing to quit and come home) and through her birthday -- she is having a RE DO on her birthday next weekend -- with her "choice" meals, her birthday dinner, and a shopping trip. (Did I mention that she loves to shop ?? Eeeekkkk !!)

Last night as I hugged her goodnight, I reminded her that in my mind I still see her as just-turned-5yo .... pigtales, chubby dimpled cheeks, and a smile that could melt a glacier. She giggled and said that was ok with her because she promises to ALWAYS be my little girl.

Awwwwwwww ....

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