Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Our Winter GetAway (Part 3)

Cherub 4 skiing the Intermediate slope. He was ALL SMILES for the whole day.

In the center of this photo is Cherub 6 skiing with his instructor down the Intermediate slope. He skis VERY well -- until he has to stop !! He is not quite strong enough to work his skis into a STOP position. (Toward the middle of the day we bought him an hour private lesson in hopes that his teacher could show him some other ways to stop - and she did. He will just have to practice more and get a little stronger.) He almost never falls while skiing - and he TRIES earnestly to stop, and finally just falls over when he knows he HAS to stop. Yet he smiles the whole time - he gets back up and tries again and again and again. A few times he dumped himself over, and got tangled up and was unable to right himself (and Mom was not quite to him yet, but she was coming) -- and some snowboarders who were watching him as they passed stopped to help him out of his "pickle" - they picked him up by the shoulders, noticed the "tangle" and shook him out like a piece of laundry to get his legs and skis untangled. It was so funny !! Then they would put him back on his feet with a big smile and some encouraging words. A few of these guys commented that he was the COOLEST LITTLE GUY they had ever seen on skis, and said they admired his determination and his constant smile. Cherub 6 thought it was pretty neat to be admired by the "cool guys". HA !!

Here is Cherub 6 again with his instructor - look at that SMILE !!

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