Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Yesterday we happened to listen to a radio news program while driving home from Gatlinburg, and heard a brief mention of "a chance" for winter weather. Hummmm. So, of course, we watched our local news on television last evening, only to hear more news of a "possible winter weather situation". Hummm. (This term usually means winter weather is possible or even probable, but I think the words "possible winter weather situation" are merely a feeble attempt to limit the PANIC that occurs in the South when there is even a whisper of possible S-N-O-W. HA !!)And on the 11 o'clock news, very quickly toward the very end of the news broadcast, a newscaster mentioned a prediction of "possible snow and sleet, or maybe just rain" - said in a very casual manner. Hummmm.

DadToCherubs got up early this morning and headed out to town. As afternoon neared he said that the streets were full of SNOW CRAZIES (masses of people running about preparing for the snow as if it were to be the Blizzard of the Century) --- and there was not a bit of milk, bread, or toilet paper to be found. HA HA HA !! (kidding about that last part)

On the news this evening, the newscasters seemed to finally settle on SNOW with SOME ICE ... and the main questions changed to "how much of EACH ?" and "what time ?" .

At this point, the predictions STILL range quite a bit .... the average forecast seems to be "a bit of sleet mix PLUS 1/2" - 3" accumulation" ... and all of this depends on the speed of the storm, the temperature, and the elevation.

All we know right now (9p) is that IT IS SNOWING, and there has been a bit of sleet mixed in. (Did I mention that it is SNOWING right now ?? YAHOOO !!)

We do not care how much snow, just as long as we get at least a dusting. We could do without the ice -- it just seems to make a mess of the power and the roads. But snow ----- I am setting my alarm for 12midnight, 2am, and 4am ... and if there is enough snow (or even ice) on the ground to play in when I get up and look out the windows, I will wake the whole family for SNOW PLAY TIME. A dusting is enough for us - we are thrilled for ANY snow at all here in SE Tennessee !!

In the mean while, we are getting ready for bed ... while singing LET IT SNOW, LET IT SNOW, LET IT SNOW !! Our snow pants, coats, hats, and gloves are by the door ... and the teapot is full of water to be boiled, and the kitchen counter is lined with mugs and the ingredients for a fast batch of hot chocolate.

So .... time will tell how it all works out ....

THURSDAY UPDATE: Well, it snowed and we had a little sleet mixed in for a few hours last evening ... and just as soon as the grass was covered with a slight dusting, we got RAIN which washed it all away. So .... no snow to play in this time. The children are disappointed, but keep saying MAYBE NEXT TIME .....

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