Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Our Winter GetAway (Part 2)

Cherub 1 after successfully skiing the first Intermediate slope - he was so thrilled not to WIPE OUT.

Cherub 2 was a trooper. She was not feeling well at all, but still wanted to ski. And in the end, upset tummy and all, she had a grand time !!

MamaLion actually took a picture of ME skiing. This is after my first try at the Intermediate slope for the day. HOORAY !! I did not wipe out, and did not re-injure my back. SUCCESS !!

DadToCherubs trying to spray me with snow after coming off the slopes -- while I was trying to get photos of all the children skiing. HA !! What a funny guy !!

Cherub 3 coming off the Intermediate slope. He had a great time skiing and can barely wait to go again !!

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