Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Our Winter GetAway (Part 4)

Cherub 5 coming off the Intermediate slope - squealing the whole time with delight !!

The end of a "race" .... Cherub 5 racing with Pris (her VERY BEST friend, so she tells us) and shrieking and WHOO-HOOing the whole way down ... and Cherub 5 is in the lead. (Thanks Pris for being so gracious and loving with her !!)
Cherub 5 and her BEST friend Priscilla --- what a cute photo !! I hope Pris had as grand-a-time as Cherub 5 did while they were skiing together !!

I am emailing photos to Shadybrook Acres today - perhaps she will post some photos of her family skiing too. We got LOTS of great pictures this weekend.

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