Saturday, June 14, 2008

Bella's Day Of Beauty

Being a Working Dog, Bella finally earned enough money Guarding
to afford a trip to the groomer this morning. (HA !)
(guard-dogging does not pay well after food, shelter, and vet care - HA !)

** I could not get the "before" photos to post at the top of this entry -- arggg !! **
A smiling Bella after her trip to the groomer .... look at those powerful legs !!


Bella after her Day of Beauty ....
WOW - you should have seen the pile of hair under the grooming table !!
YIKES !! The groomer will be sweeping up for HOURS !!


It is in the mid-80s here today, but humid ....

and Bella was not panting and drooling with the heat.

She seems to feel SOOOO much better ....

and she SMELLs better too which makes her humans happy,

and also gives her the priviledge of coming inside more often.

90s coming next week, and then Bella will REALLY appreciate her haircut !!


A very serious Bella ... probably because I had the leash in my hands.

To Bella this means we are going somewhere, which Bella does not really appreciate.

She is a homebody.

One last BEFORE ....

at this point the children had taken off her

Radius collar and put on the standard dog collar ....

and this step DEFINATELY means she is going somewhere ....

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