Saturday, June 14, 2008

Fishing Tournament

At 530 this morning, DadToCherubs and Cherub 1 left for breakfast at Hardees, and then they went to a Kids Fishing Tournament being held in the next town.

They had a wonderful day (fishing from 6a-12noon) ... feed the ducks and the geese (who followed them around for the whole morning) ... Cherub 1 learned all sorts of useful fishing information from the other fisher-kids parents (DadToCherubs does not have very much fishing experience, but was a good sport about learning how) .... they did not catch anything at all, but had a great time together.
This outing was a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY outing for Cherub 1.
And all afternoon, Cherub 1 has been down by the farm lake "practicing" ..... I'll update later if he catches anything.

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