Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hummmm ....

First there was the Burger scare from Jack-In-The-Box .... then there were too many PetFood recalls to count ... next came the bagged Salad product contaminations .... then ground beef was dangerous (again and again) .... then Spinach was forbidden .... then Children's Breakfast Cereal was contaminated (Malt-O-Meal) ....

(I know I am forgetting several other big recalls - sorry !)

.... and now a Tomato cannot be found anywhere (nor should it be !) because of the newest round of contaminated food ??

First, I am thankful to God for a place to grow a garden, with plenty of tomato plants ... and to live in an area where there are many farms so that the opportunity to BUY LOCAL is very real and very practical.

And second, I am left wondering .... how can the greatest Nation in the world continue to ask for Consumer Confidence if the very food we struggle economically to buy from the "safely regulated" big corporate food producers and big chain grocers is becoming increasingly more dangerous for consumption by humans and animals alike ?

...... still wondering ...... (and "this might take a while".)

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The Cowgirl said...

things are getting CRAZY dont u thing!?! i mean all the food recalls and the gas prises?? o man!

arent u glad we have gardens?!?!