Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Nest of Pleasant Thoughts posted “Thoughts On Educating” - an inspiring collection of quotes from Charlotte Mason.

Graceful Girlhood has created an interesting product for Character Training to be used with Little Girls, based on Charlotte Mason’s motto “I am; I can; I ought; I will.” She included instructions for this product …. What an interesting idea !

Simply Charlotte Mason’s Sonya has shared her wonderful Planning Series. These articles are so informative and helpful – her ideas for simplification are fantastic.

Many homeschool families are busy planning for next fall. Beck’s Bounty will have a child in Kindergarten, grade 2-3, grade 3-4, grade 6++, grade 7+, and grade 9. School Plans For 2008-2009.

And for those who are just beginning their Homeschool Journey with young ones, Keep The Way Christian Academy has shared some wonderful Preschool Ideas that incorporate Charlotte Mason’s methods, in Trusting My Instincts.

Milestones Academy says “Since they read like living books, I hesitate to call Apologia’s many science books texts.” Here is the post called Apologia Science Books Are Living Books.

Thinking Outside The Science Book from At Home Science is a wonderful article chock full of ideas that Charlotte Mason herself would admire … using Living Books for Science.

The World Is Our Classroom shared a delightful time of Nature Study in What Is Good For The Goose. We are so blessed to be able to see these moments when God touches the hearts of our children.

And what if the question begs … Nature Not Your Thing ? Lifestyle Homeschool has a wonderfully encouraging article for those who have delayed beginning Nature Studies. There are plenty of WHYs, and then many HOWs that might well inspire your family to begin the delightful practice of Nature Study.

Harmony Art Mom explains
Why Use The Handbook Of Nature Study, and her explanation is truly inspiring.

Nature Mama has a lovely update (complete with sound !) on a Mother Robin and her babies at Nature Notes From Above. How spectacular !!

A garden is always a wonderful place for Nature Study. At Nest Of Pleasant Thoughts shared their Garden Learning, where there are photos of a lovely raised bed garden, and notes concerning a wonderful dinner preparation.

By The Word Of Their Testimony found a huge feather !! Click to see the photo and take a guess by leaving a comment – whose feather is it ??

Freedom Academy posted several Nature Journal Entries from the recent past. It is often helpful to others to see examples of real Nature Journals, for encouragement and for inspiration.

In her article Kitchen Mishap Just Melds Into The Atmosphere Of Education, Pockets Of The Future turned a kitchen mishap to a wonderful Math activity for her young son.

Adventures In Daily Living has a very interesting article concerning Writing. “Writing instruction is about error correction in the same way that gardening is about weeding.”

Hearts and Trees posted Part 1 of a Watercolor Tutorial -- this is a fantastic how-to watercolor tutorial with plenty of instruction, and even photographs step by step. And Part 2 was just posted as well. Learning to paint with watercolors would make a wonderful summertime project, and then could be part of Nature Journals and Narrations next fall !

Praiseworthy Things shares a method for Hymn Study. “Charlotte Mason recommended that children learn hymns.” This article is sure to inspire !

Harmony Art Mom shares an experience she had visiting a local nursery, which inspired her to write about suggestions for
Classical Music – Painless And Easy.


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Thank you for doing this carnival. I think that I might have gone to almost everyone's blog. This is a first for me. Some blogs, I did not see where I could put a comment.

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Great carnival! Thanks for including me.

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