Monday, June 23, 2008

First Injury of Summer

It all started with a bike race .... 6 children racing round the house toward the finish line ... lots of laughing, giggling, shrieking ... they were all having such a grand time.

Cherub 2 was in the lead, but there were two other Cherubs in hot pursuit and right behind her. So she stood up to pedal harder and faster .... her bike wobbled a bit ... and the next thing she knew, she was on the ground with her bike over one leg.
So, the race did not end at the Finish Line ... Cherub 2's knee was cut pretty badly, and DadToCherubs and I were quite concerned about a structural injury to her knee (based on the very rapid swelling and discoloration) .... so, instead, the race ended in the Emergency Room.
At least twelve (DadToCherubs lost count, and we cannot see under the bandage) stitches later ..... she came home to get a toss-n-turn night's sleep ... and we will go to get an xray and/or CT of her knee in a day or two when the swelling has gone down a bit, to check for structural injuries. She is taking a strong antibiotic to prevent an infection too (we do live on a farm, and she fell on the farm driveway with who-knows-what on it).
In the mean while, she is "grounded" .... not in the punishment sense (although it feels that way to her - HA !) .... no swimming, no bike riding, no scootering, no running, no jumping, no climbing .... and no dirt. For at least 10 days (sutures come out in 10 days) ....
Please pray for Cherub 2, that her knee is uninjured except for the cut / stitches. Knees are slow to heal, and very difficult to repair.
Cherub 2 is heading back to the doctors right now for an emergency visit (DadToCherubs insisted on taking her to the doctors). Despite 250mg Kelfex twice each day since the injury, her knee is VERY hot, VERY red, VERY "ugly", and growing increasingly more painful. Please pray for her, and for our dear friend Dr. T who is seeing her on VERY short notice (which is such a blessing and is very appreciated) ....
Cherub 2 came home this afternoon with a nice black-line outline of her infected area - she thought this was funny (that her doctor drew on her). She is now on a second heavy-duty antibiotic (Septra) along with the Kelfex she will continue to take. And she also came home minus a stitch or two - Dr. T removed it/them to allow for a bit more drainage. We did some warm moist compresses, and Cherub 2 spent the remaining afternoon walking about and playing a little, trying to keep her knee moving. She is a bit achey this evening, but says her pain is not as bad as it was during the late morning hours today. She has had her medicines and some Motrin for pain control overnight, and is now sitting on the couch playing boardgames with her sister, Cherub 5, who has been uncharacteristicly sympathetic through this process, and who even did Cherub 2's chores tonight without being asked. WOW !! Please continue to pray for Cherub 2 ... and be sure to say a prayer of thanks Dr. T too !
Cherub 2 is feeling much better. Her knee is just barely red, and is nice and cool. THe infected area never spread beyond the lines, and is now well within them. I believe she is officially on-the-mend. Thank you Lord !!


3'sacharm said...

Oh my!! I hate to hear about this! I hope she is doing much better.

MommaofMany said...

I'm sorry to hear about this. My daughter broke her left arm at the wrist five years ago in the middle of the summer, and this spring, broke the right arm at the wrist. It's no fun to deal with a broken bone.

I'll be praying that the infection is stopped and the knee is intact!

The Cowgirl said...

Glad to hear she a little better!

She'll be in my prayers!

the cowgirl :)