Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Let The Preserving Begin ....

Let the Food Preserving begin ! (insert sound of a trumpet call here)

This afternoon we harvested our first "to keep" batch of Yellow Squash and Zucchini. (We harvested a few the other day to have as delicious friend squash and fried zucchini with dinner - yummy !)

We washed, sliced, blanched, and freezer-bagged a total of 11 quarts (6 Squash and 5 Zucchini). We plant to use them next winter for meals and in soups and casseroles.

This weekend we are planning to finally make our Strawberry Preserves (strawberries purchased and frozen a few weeks ago). It is supposed to rain on Saturday, so it will be a good day to spend in the kitchen.

We are all excited about watching the freezer and pantry fill up with delicious fruits and vegetables from our garden.

More to come ......

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