Saturday, June 14, 2008

Little Miss Creativity

God is THE Master Creator -- and THE Great Master Artist. This is fact .... (just look to nature for proof)

However, for most of my life, I have wondered ---

Is true creativity born in a person or is it learned ? Are people more inclined to be creative when their parents or grandparents are/were creative ? Or is creativity a completely individual trait, given by God to a specific person ? And what DRIVES creativity in a person - from where does that NEED to create come ?? (just to name a few of my ponderings in this area ....)

All of our children are VERY creative, but with most of them, it seems to come in bursts.

Cherub 2 is one of the most consistantly creative children here at Beck's Bounty. And she has been on an absolute Creative ROLL lately.

She receieved this (below) book along with several others -- beginning sewing projects. And she has made more than several of the projects already. (And I just ordered some more "sewing" books for her, because she wants to learn to make her very own skirts, dresses, other clothing, and accessories. Sewing is going to be an "elective" for her in our next school year.)

She spent Thursday afternoon working on this little red "softie". All that is left to do now is to stitch it closed with the sewing machine.

And with another Craft book, there were all sorts of Mask ideas -- Cherub 2 made this (above) mask, and then made a cute crown for her cat (Tiger). He climbed in her lap and sat perfectly still with the crown on his head for the longest time, looking MOST pleased. And then, once the camera was ready, Tiger decided that wearing the crown had lost it's appeal. (He looks unhappy in the photo, but his loud PURRRRRRing could be heard from several feet away, so he apparently was not really UN-happy. And after the photo was taken and the camera put away, he sat AGAIN for more than several minutes proudly wearing his crown. Gotta love cats, huh ??)

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MamaLion said...

Please pass along the titles and authors. I think Annalise is getting old enough to enjoy that sort of thing too.