Friday, June 27, 2008

Our Chicks Are Here ... Finally !!

The Post Office called at 7am -- our order of Dominique chicks FINALLY arrived. So I went to pick them up, after a quick stop at the Coop to get chick starter.

I ordered 25 chicks -- 20 pullets (hens) and 5 cockrels (roosters) --- and they shipped 28 chicks. Every chick has a spot on it's head -- yellow for the females and red for the males.

Aren't they cute ?!?! The Cherubs were very excited ... and I am too, as if you could not guess. HA !!

Here is the original blog post from when we placed the order. This post also has photos of Mature Dominiques.

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Kimi said...

Welcome to Beck's Bounty, little chicks!