Monday, June 30, 2008

A Hunter In Training ?

Cherub 1 is 14 1/2 years old, and loves to be outside. He has been fishing lately, and has now decided that he would like to try hunting -- deer hunting. DadToCherubs has never hunted either, but has decided he might like to try it too.

Well, in order to hunt, one must be "a good shot". DadToCherubs is, of course, because of his Navy & Marine Corps days. Cherub 1, however, has done a small amount of target shooting with DadToCherubs over the years, but needs to practice more.

So, on Sunday afternoon, our friend Mr. T came to visit with DadToCherubs, and they helped Cherub 1 with his shooting. And as he continued, he improved. (Thanks Mr. T !) Cherub 2 said that Mr. T is very patient, super careful, and that he does a great job of explaining -- and that Mr. T is a great teacher.

Now, today we have to call TWRA and find dates, times, and locations for the Hunter Safety course. (I wonder if the TWRA course can go on his Highschool Transcripts, and exactly what "subject" it is ?)

*~ *~ *~ *~ *~ *~

A Quick Update on Cherub 2 - While Mr. T was visiting (he is our friend and our family doctor), he took a look at Cherub 2's knee. He said that it looks GREAT and is finally healing well. There is almost no reddness, but it is still pretty weepy and is still oozing a bit. He said that the sutures should really stay in until the end of the week at least, but that the infection seems to be clearing up. HOORAY !!

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