Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Handicrafts ... or LifeSkills ...

Lessons Of The Day:
What To Do With A Boat-Load Of Vegetables Picked In One Morning ??

Tomatoes ripening on the counter (to be put in the freezer once they are ripe) ---
and lots of green peppers to be frozen for later ---

And MORE yellow squash, and a big ole' zucchini ---

Oh - and the rest of the greenbeans waiting to be cut and cleaned, then canned ---
And finally, a whole lot of Burpless Cucumbers (being picked up this afternoon by a friend, to make lots of pickles.)


The Cowgirl said...

WOW!!! mwe picked the rest of our corn 2day! We had some last night and it tasted Good! :)
We r making pickles 2 sometime! not sure when though!

The Cowgirl said...

We made our pickles a few days ago! they r so good! we ate a whole jar last night! oops! lol