Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lake Oconee Vacation

Bunny sand castle.
Artist: Cherub 3
(above) Cherub 1 learning to drive the JetSki with DadToCherubs.

(below) Dumma playing ball with Daisy at the Island.
Cherub 1 found this HUGE clam while swimming.
This island is one of several that are scattered
throughout Lake Oconee (27 mile long lake).
It has a beautiful wooded area, and a nice sandy beach.
When the boat is pulled up and anchored,
the children run, swim, and play in the sand.
They love going to the Island.

Here is Dumma & GranMickey's boat
"at anchor" by the Island. See the fancy new seatcovers
that Dumma made for it ??
They are made of black fabric
with bright pink flamingos.
Very "lake-ish", arent't they ?!?!
Good job Dumma !

This little flock of Mallards live in the cove where Dumma's & GranMickey's lake house is located.
We all had great fun feeding them.

Cherubs swimming.
Daisy playing ball with Cherub 5 at the Island.

Cherub 5 caught a little Bluegill --
and Cherub 2 is looking on in disbelief.
She had been fishing for an hour without so much as a nibble,
but Cherub 5 tossed her hook into the water
and almost immediately caught this fish. HA !

Whenever the Cherubs go fishing, there are always
necessary fishing pole repairs to be done. HA !
Here is GranMickey working on a pole that got tangled.

Cherub 1, Cherub 4, and Cherub 2 looking on when

Cherub 5 caught ANOTHER little Bluegill.

Cherub 6 getting ready to jump back into the cove from the dock.
Everyone had a grand time taking turns on the Pirate Ship --

a little pedal-boat that belongs to my parents.

The children took it all over the cove to see ducks,

white blue and gray Herons, fish, turtles,

interesting plants, and also just for fun !!

We had a grand time on our mini-vacation to Lake Oconee.


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