Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Summer Fun In A Box

With gas being so high, we decided to curtail our summer road trips for this year. So, the question was ... what should we DO this summer ??

We opted for Summer-Fun-In-A-Box .... an above ground swimming pool. (A Sun-N-Sand model from KMart)

And since we were not sure if we wanted to hassle "long term" with a pool here, we bought one that can be taken down annually and put away. If things go well, we will likely get a traditional steel-sided above ground pool when this one wears out. It will be a good "trial run" for us.
On Monday, DadToCherubs headed up the Assembly Committee -- 7 hands working on assembly made this project take approximately 45 minutes.

And now the pool is up -- and we filled the bottom of it with well water (with the farm's ok), and called it a day (there were pickles to make !).

This morning (Tuesday), a local volunteer Fire Department is bringing 2 Pumper Trucks of water to fill our pool (for a small fee) .... so that we do not drain the well.

Since we have company coming on Thursday night and Friday for the July 4th weekend, we are going to do our BIG PRE-COMPANY CLEAN UP this morning .... and when we are finished, there will be a cool refreshing summertime-fun POOL to swim in. How's that for a motivator ?!?!

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