Monday, July 21, 2008

A New Discovery On The Pond

(This is not my photo. I found it online when searching to identify our "Mystery Bird".)

We saw something WHITE flying over the pond a few days ago. It had a fairly-large wingspan, dark colored legs, and a bright orange beak. And it's body was solid white. But as it flew over, it was difficult to get a "good" look.

And then, last evening as I was driving in the driveway after a quick grocery trip, there was the white bird --- it was standing in the spring area of the pond. So I stopped for a good long time to observe this lovely creature. (That will teach me to take my camera everywhere -- even to the grocery store. Because you never know ..... )

And this morning, after searching in our Nature Guides, and then looking for more information online, we identified this gorgeous creature to be a White Heron.

There are two Great Blue Herons that feed almost nightly in the spring area of the pond, but we have never seen a White Heron before. So this was quite a treat !!

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