Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Nature Finds

These little creatures have been buzzing all over our flowers. And we spent more than a few days watching them and wondering what they are. For fun, we started making guesses based on our observations.

Some thought it was a type of Bee because of the yellow and black fuzzy body.
Some thought it was a teeny-tiny hummingbird relative because of the wing action.
And others thought it was a relative of the butterfly because of it's probiscus.

So, we dragged out the Nature Guides -- and -- (insert drum roll) -- this beautiful creature is a CLEARWING HUMMINGBIRD MOTH. They are yet another spectacular creation of The Master Artist, Our Father In Heaven.

On Tuesday, Cherub 4 found one of these (dead, unfortunately) on our front porch. Isn't it beautiful ?!?!
And after looking through the Nature Guides, Cherub 4 told me this is a Giant Leopard Moth, and proceeded to tell me all sorts of interesting information about it. WOW !!

I stand in awe of Our Father's creativity !!


Makita said...

I've seen the Leopard Moth a few times and it is absolutely stunning! The diversity of insects amazes me. :D

jamie in rose cottage said...

We have those hummingbird moths here, too. We thought it was a freakish big bee at first, but did finally identify it. I think my husband got a great photo of it; if so, I may have to post that soon!

Thanks for sharing your finds!