Thursday, July 31, 2008

Jams, Jellies, and Preserves

Plum Preserves (reddish purple)
Peach Jam (orange)
GreenPepper Jelly (dark green along the wall)
Spearmint Jelly (lighter green in the middle)
Peppermint Jelly (red in front)


Kris! said...

Your jellies look so yummy! I am curious about your dried herbs--I saw they were in little sacks while hanging to dry. Did you make those, and what benefit do they give compared to just hanging them bare?

Also, I have a good bunch of chocolate mint growing in a strawberry pot. Any recipies?

Beck's Bounty said...

Bare hanging herbs dry, but also get dusty. Also we live on a dairy farm, so flies and the creepy-crawlies of country life MIGHT get on them if they are not covered. (BTW - the ocvers are just plain brown unwaxed lunchbags -- I tied the herb bunch, then turn them upside down and put them into the bag, then tie some string around the bunched open end of the bag being sure to keep the herb-bunch attached at the end too.)

Chocolate Mint -- we dry it and it makes a wonderful tea in the winter, esp after being outside in the cold. Warm minty chocolate taste, with none of the sugar and "hype" of hot chocolate. (Also it makes a nice gift for family and friends).

God Bless.

Kris! said...

Thank you, how simple! I like simple...