Friday, January 12, 2007

Christian Skate Night

Our local skating rink has a special night (Thursday) set aside for Christian Skate Night. This means that the music played is from Christian artists. It also generally means (or is assumed) that there are more families present rather than just children / teens.

So last night we went to skate. Cherubs 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5 skated on roller blades and are quite proficient skaters. They had a grand time, even participating in games such as the Dice game, Hillbilly Races, and the Limbo. Cherub 4 WON the Limbo, if you can believe it !! He was awarded a Blue Raspberry Slushie and is very proud.

Cherub 6 has never skated before, so we rented traditional 4-wheel skates for him. We began the evening with him on skates, and I held his hand as we went round the skating floor 5-6 times holding hands (and catching him a lot). After those laps he insisted on doing it solo. And by the end of the evening, he was falling less and less, maybe 1-2 times per lap. He even participated in the Limbo contest but fell and was "out" near the end.

We had a grand time skating.

Photo 1: Cherub 6 playing the Limbo. (He said THANK YOU "R" for helping me play !)
Photo 2: Cherub 5 taking a break - she is quite a speed queen on skates.
Photo 3: Cherub 4 on his last trip through the line playing the Limbo, just before he won !
Photo 4: Everyone has their skates on and is Ready to go - Cherub 2 and Cherub 3 holding hands with Cherub 6 - giving Moral Support.

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