Wednesday, January 24, 2007

NC Vacation: Sunday Evening

So we arrived in Maggie Valley, NC, on Sunday evening ... in the POURING rain. We went to the hotel (see other post) and checked in, and unloaded our bags. And we realized we were STARVING !!

So we decided to go to dinner at a local "family resturant" called "The Salty Dog". It was an adorable place, with lots of "fish" and "dog" decor. They served seafood in additon to general American foods.

DadtoCherubs had shrimp and oysters - he loved the shrimp, but now knows that he HATES fried oysters (as do the other children who generally like seafood). Cherub1 had a HUGE bowl of Clam Chowder. Cherub2 had CornDog nuggets. Cherub3 had Popcorn Shrimp. Cherub4 had Popcorn Shrimp. And Cherub5 & Cherub6 split a PBJ. And everyone had a huge mug of hot chocolate topped with a mountain of whipped cream. When trying the fried oysters, Cherub2 said "Oh - these are good - if you LIKE fried oysters - which I do not." HA !! Always a diplomat, she is !!

The childrens food was served in "dog bowls" of varying styles and sizes. It was cute, but DadToCherubs and I did not think it too appetizing. However, the children were thrilled !! Anyway, it was a great "start" to our vacation. (we try not to do things on vacation that we can do "anytime" at home - no McDonalds, fast food, etc.)

After dinner, we drove back to the hotel and got into our bathing suits .... and spent a few really fun hours playing in the indoor pool (and soaking in the hot tub) ....

Then we got ready for bed and were all asleep by 9p. We needed our rest for Monday, because it was to be quite a "BIG DAY" for everyone.

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