Wednesday, January 24, 2007

NC Vacation: DadToCherubs

DadToCherubs can ski !! HOORAY !!

But there is more to the story .... DadToCherubs learned to ski when he was 2yo, and has always LOVED skiing. His strokes changed his balance quite a bit, and so changed a lot of things he could and could not do. Most of those things he can do again after a lot of healing and some accomidations. He tried to ski last year in Pittsburg, and was unable to balance, so he was unable to ski. He just could not get the "feel" of it again. And he was very disappointed about it. So this time he decided to take it slow and steady, and see if maybe he just had to "start over" and relearn. So he played a bit on the beginner slope, and then played a lot on the Intermediate slopes. By the end of the day, he was skiing on the Black Diamonds again without difficulty. And unlike the rest of us, he did not fall ... not even once.

Above is a map of the slopes at Cataloochee .... then there is a photo of Mount Omigosh from out on the hill in front of the lodge, and the last photo is of DadToCherubs as he finishes his first "try" on the Black Diamond slope .... what you cannot see in the photo is the huge "I DID IT !" smile on his face.

It was beautiful to see him SOOOO happy and feeling SOOOO accomplished.

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